Digitalenter recruiting digital leaders
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Recruitment through executive search (headhunting)

Executive search is a closed and discreet recruitment process during which Digitalenter conducts a targeted headhunt in order to identify, attract and motivate relevant candidates. The method is superior if you have:

  • ambitions to attract the very best talents
  • a capability to offer a competitive remuneration package
  • a need for discretion with regard to leadership changes in your organization

For a skilled candidate not actively seeking a new job, the probability of spotting an advertised position, catching an interest and actually applying is low. Digitalenter can exercise more influence when actively yet discretely reaching out. We evaluate the candidate's background, qualifications and reputation in advance.

Digitalenter can offer an executive search at a fixed rate. We never delegate an executive search to inexperienced researchers without domain knowledge, a common practice among other recruiters.

Recruitment through open advertisement of vacant positions

Advertised positions imply that job seekers are attracted through open job ads in the job market. This method is suitable when you:

  • need to comply with a requirement to openly advertise the vacant position
  • do not have a need for discretion with regard to leadership changes in your organization
  • have internal capacity and competence to conduct parts of the process yourselves
  • have tight recruitment budget constraints or are unable to offer competitive remuneration packages

Digitalenter offers advertised positions at fixed rates based on a predefined scope in which we assume responsibility for the entire process or parts of it, for instance requirements specification and selection.

Digitalenter does not recommend a hybrid of executive search and advertised position because the latter undermines the strength of the former. We do, however, reach out to active job seekers in our network.

Professional support to parts of a recruitment process

When recruiting digital leaders, unplanned demand for external assistance with deep domain knowledge may occur. In such cases, Digitalenter can offer support to clients that assume the overall responsibility for planning and execution of a process. Such support may focus on selected parts, for instance:

  • review and quality assurance of requirements and job ad
  • screening of applications and CVs
  • conducting interviews with focus on professional qualifications
  • final evaluation of a single candidate towards a predefined position
  • background check of candidates and reference calls
  • trusted advisor and second opinion during the entire process or parts of it

Digitalenter offers flexible recruitment support based on availability and charges such support based on time and material.

Management advisory and development services on digitalization and IT leadership

Many businesses initiate recruitments prematurely. Instead, they ought to take a timeout and reconsider their strategy for utilizing digitalization and IT before proceeding. When the goal is clear, targeted development of leadership skills and competence enhancements may represent a better option.

Digitalenter offers executive advisory services within digitalization and IT leadership:

  • development of strategies and operational action plans for digitalization and IT
  • leadership skills and competence development tailored to meet the needs in your organization
  • analysis of causes and recommendation of corrective actions in critical or crisis situations in projects, programs, departments or vendor relationships

We offer strategic advisory services to business and IT executives independently of recruitment assignments. Normally, such services would be offered on a fixed-fee basis based on an agreed scope.

Digital leaders as management for hire or interim leaders

Small and medium-sized businesses rarely have sufficient demand to employ a full-time digital leader, including IT leader. Digitalenter offers skilled digital leaders on a management-for-hire basis for shorter or longer part-time assignments. We act as broker of management-for-hire resources who contractually engage directly with our clients.

In other cases, acute situations may trigger a need for an interim staffing of digital leadership roles. On short notice, an interim digital leader can assume the responsibility for the ongoing operations and secure stable delivery of services till a permanent solution is in place. Through our network, Digitalenter can provide skilled digital leaders with very short lead times.

Digitalenter charges a one-off amount for brokering of resources and do not act as a non-value-adding and cost-driving intermediary during assignments, which is common practice among staffing agencies.