Digitalenter recruiting digital leaders
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Digitalization and IT leadership

Digitalenter is specialized in recruiting leaders to digitalization and IT. In Norway, we are the only ones purely recruiting digital leaders. This makes us unique.

Wise choices of digital leaders call for expertise where generalists stall. With our specialized expertise and operational Specialized experience from digitalization and IT leadership, we can critically examine both the needs of our clients and the competence of candidates.

Choose a recruitment partner with deep roots in the profession you are looking for!

Broad supply of candidates

When searching for candidates, recruiters exclude employees of their own clients. By choosing a small and specialized player such as Digitalenter, Independent you avoid severe trimming of the candidate pool.

Our specialization, independence in the job market and large network from industrial experience secure our clients a broad supply of relevant candidates, also without job ads.

Independence, integrity and discretion are our promise and the foundation of our business.

Our signature protects your brand

Recruiters have attracted due skepticism for years. We think differently and conduct our assignments with the greatest care for the reputation of our clients. Put simply, we prefer quality to quantity.

Digitalenter strives for well-considered choices and well-organized processes. Expertise, tidiness, structure and sound communication are the signature that strengthens your brand as we assume the role as your ambassador.